"Be it a single well, or a large project, contact us for pricing on all your e-line needs. We value your business, and look forward to working together!"

-The Boss Wireline Team
For all Your Logging and Perforating Needs
With one of the most experienced teams in the E-line industry, you can rely on us to help with all your logging and perforating needs. Our team is trained to help you make informed decisions on what the best solution is for you.

Although the units are equipped with their own mast for standalone operation, they are also convertable and used as a conventional unit for all your service rig logging and perforating needs.

Service & Safety You Can Count On

At BOSS, we strive to create a safe work environment for all our employees, as well as our customers. BOSS maintains an above industry COR safety program, and are active members of ISNetworld, PICS, Complyworks, as well as a member in good standing with PSAC.

Our experienced team prides itself in achieving a zero lost-time Incident / Injury record and safety is always our number one priority.

Gun Loading Facilities
Boss Wireline has a state-of-the-art gun-loading facility, which meets all the Q-D requirements for 2017-18 as set out by NRCAN. It is staffed by highly trained individuals, which assemble perforating guns on a daily basis. This reduces the time field crews spend in the shop and allows them to be more concentrated on maintanance and field tasks.

We have a large selection of perforating guns and charges to meet your individual needs.