Logging Services
  • Radial Cement Bond Log
  • Noise/Temperature Log
  • Casing Inspection Log
  • Neutron Porosity Log
  • Pressure/Temperature/Flowrate Log (PTF Log)
  • Gamma Ray / CCL Correlation Log
    (for Wireline Perforating and TCP)
  • Cased Hole Analysis Tool
Perforating Services
  • Wireline Perforating
  • Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP)
    (both drop-bar and pressure-activated systems)
  • E-coil Perforating Service
Mechanical Services
  • Setting Tools for Plugs, Packers, or Patches
  • Setting WR Plugs with Recorders
    (for Zone Pressure Build-Ups)
  • Dump Bailing (sand/cement)
  • Swabbing (new completions only)